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High Low Card Game Online & HiLo Game Casino

What is Bitcoin (BTC) Hi-Lo game?

Hi-Lo is an online card game where players need to guess whether the next dealt card is lower or higher than the card the gamblers see in front of them. The game uses a standard deck of fifty-two cards. Tower.bet is unique in that it allows players betting on jokers. The deck of cards is shuffled before each deal.

Despite simple rules, a High-Low card game is a very exciting entertainment. It can even captivate the punter with extensive gambling experience. The user decides at what stage to take the win, so everyone can work out their game strategy. What’s more, the online casino allows playing for Bitcoin.

Pleasant Interface and Functions

The Hi-Lo game at the Tower.bet Bitcoin casino online is powered by unique proprietary gaming software. The best designers and artists were involved in creating this game.

Joining this Bitcoin online casino game, players will see a playing table in front of them with a cute sleeping dragon in the background. The playing table contains buttons with several gambling options:

Suit bet;

  • Rank bet;
  • Higher card bet;
  • Lower card bet;
  • Betting parameters: minimum-maximum, amount of cryptocurrency, double or half bets, etc.

A card of a certain suit and rank constantly appears on the screen, and then after a while, a new one appears. Previously dealt cards can be seen on the left. Therefore, it's more convenient to guess which card will be next: higher or lower, black or red. Below, the player will see the history of recent bets and played games: who played, for what amount of Bitcoin or another currency, etc.


As we have mentioned above, the Bitcoin online casino developer decided to use a deck of 52 cards in this High-Low game. The game rules are the following: the player bets on whether the card that is about to be dealt is High or Low, and if the guess is correct, the player gets a win. However, players at the Tower.bet casino are able to guess not only the ‘seniority’ of the card but also its color. When betting, you can try to double the amount at stake to win even more

The Tower.bet online casino for Bitcoin allows guessing cards several times if Moneybox mode is available. In such a case the player turns out to be lucky and chooses the right cards one after another, the initial winning will increase by several times in just a few minutes — not to mention bonus Gold that you can win.

This crypto online casino uses sound signals for the player to enjoy the gaming process. The example includes shuffling cards in the deck. This brings a special twist to the gameplay and makes it more realistic as if you play real card games at the green table in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Ideal for any gambler

Since this online casino title has simple game rules and an intuitive interface, it's ideal for newbie players.

The High-Low card game is one of the easiest card games for crypto. Thanks to regular wins and flexible betting rules, the player can multiply the game budget in a matter of seconds. The main advantages of this online casino game are high chances of winnings, a dynamic gaming process, and various card game bonuses.

High-Low: Game Settings

The High-Low game at Tower.bet allows the player to configure betting and game parameters. By clicking on the Gear icon, the player sees a table for setting bets. This casino online allows the player to select the following options from the cards deck:

  • card suit: black-red
  • card rank: from deuce to joker

Multipliers change along with parameters for BTC and other crypto bets. They determine by how many times the winnings will increase. Your gaming progress can also bring bonuses and wins for the next sessions of games.

Multipliers and Cards

There's a pattern in the High-Low game: the higher the card is, the higher the multiplier will be. So, the player can calculate winnings using simple math. The system has the following multiplier rates:

  • Cards 2-9: 1.5x
  • Cards from Jack to Ace: 3.00x
  • King or Ace cards: 6.00x
  • Card suit: 2.00x for black or red suit

So, making a bet on a particular card, the player increases their winnings respectively.

Play with bonuses, increase your chances

The Tower.bet rewards players with nice bonuses. For example, in bonus games, the player can open chests and win the Tower Gold coins from the casino online. This is an in-game currency that can be exchanged for other perks in the game. Players can also get online casino bonuses if:

  • they win;
  • pass the registration process;
  • fulfill the rules for wagering;
  • play bonus games.

Also, any betting game — be it a card game, slots (*soon) — allows for earning experience points. They then determine your rating in this online casino. Experience points depend on your winnings, rank, gambling activity, and bets.

Provably fair play and transparent conditions

Tower.bet uses the principles of provable fairness, the player can easily verify the accuracy of the game results. To do so, you just need to find the Fair button, when you play Hi-Lo, and you will see a small window with several lines:

  • Hashed Server Seed;
  • Salt;
  • Server seed.

The numbers on these lines are the encrypted results of your round, generated randomly before you even started playing. That is, any player can cryptographically prove that the game was fair and not rigged, thanks to the verifier and this encrypted data. So, you can be sure that the process runs according to the game rules only.

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