Tower Races

Adrenaline-pumping bonus game where every spin, every bet, catapults you to victory! It's not just about luck, it's about strategy, like in hi-lo game, speed, and seizing the moment.

How to play
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Races Launched2,639
Total Won236,205.97 USD


  1. One account per participant — do not join the Race from more than one account. Give others a chance, greed isn't good.

  2. Join is required — you need to Join the Race to participate in it. You can Join right until the very end of the Race.

  3. TWG only for TWG Races — TWG is excluded from Races on All Currencies. Watch for TWG Races and wager your TWG to win real money there.

  4. All currencies are normalized — all bets will be normalized to Bitcoin so you can bet in any crypto you have.

Stay tuned

Predictable Races are not always fun. Whenever I feel like hosting a Big Race I will do so in not much time! So you better follow my notifications to never miss an exciting ride!