Our Provably Fair Bitcoin Games

  • Hi-Lo

    A popular card game where the player must guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one. The game uses 13 cards of each suit. At the beginning of the game, all cards are face down in a randomly shuffled deck. At this point, players can start bidding in a number of consecutive guesses.

  • Crash

    One of the most popular BTC games. The Crash game is for attentive players. The essence of the game is as follows: the multiplier grows on the chart and then, suddenly crashes. This can happen at any time. Players who have stopped the multiplier before its crash get a win multiplied by the value at which they stopped.

  • Cogwheel

    Cogwheel is a roulette game with a twist. The cogwheel features 4 colored sectors that are tied to certain multipliers. The higher the multiplier you bet on the harder to catch it but of course payout will be greater. Depends on your gambling strategy you can even bet on 2 different sectors at a time, and if you want to place many bets in a row you can choose auto mode to enable auto bet. If you guessed the sector color correctly - you won and if you guessed the rarest sector - you won a ton! Cogwheel is a game of chance where you can win the king's ransom.

  • Wheel

    The game is simple at first glance. The player spins a wheel divided into several sectors. Each sector denotes a gain or a multiplier. In short, this is a game of luck, where you have a chance to win big. Your bet can be multiplied by tens or hundreds of times!

  • Elf Quest Slots

    Slot machines are simple, exciting and vibrant. You can bet using BTC, ETH, or other crypto coins. Just place a bet, spin the reels, and wait for the multipliers and scatters to land on the lines.

Elf Quest SlotsTommyguntax1currency icon 20currency icon−20
Elf Quest SlotsDeathZonecurrency icon 29currency icon 94.25
Elf Quest SlotsTommyguntax1currency icon 20currency icon 17
Elf Quest SlotsNunocurrency icon 4currency icon 8.5
Crashsahara66currency icon 0.00001000currency icon 0.00001010
Wins993.98316336 BTC

Our Currency TowerGold (Gold)

Do you know why Tower.bet is a unique casino among other Bitcoin gambling operators? Firstly, we don’t use Bitcoin faucets that are so popular in other Bitcoin casinos. Secondly, we’ve created our own crypto coin — TowerGold or TWG.

This is the internal currency that you can exchange for various perks and use to maintain the gameplay. Namely, you can wager cryptocurrency in games and exchange TowerGold for casino gifts.

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Bitcoin Bonuses from Tower.bet

As the best Bitcoin casino, Tower.bet has an elaborate system of generous bonuses. Let's look at the main categories of casino gifts.

Deposit bonuses

Such bonuses encourage online casino players to gamble using Bitcoin or other cryptos. As a rule, these are additional funds to the game account or some game perks. So, in classic online casinos, they may come in the form of free spins or additional game rounds. In the case of our Bitcoin online casino, these are free Gold. In the near future we expect to add more bonuses in particular Deposit Bonus.


We like the idea to grant our users with some gift. However we also like more entertaining approaches. Sooner or later our team will add cashback mechanics, but in more fun, more appealing and unusual way.

Random bonuses

Bonuses can be not only pleasant but also unexpected. The player can get them during the game. This will increase the chances of winning, as well as give fun. Regular players are more likely to enjoy pleasant benefits, especially when participating in tournaments and promotions.

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Crypto Payments in Tower.bet: How to Deposit and Withdraw?

The beauty of Tower.bet lies in speedy deposits and withdrawals of your funds. This distinguishes our online casino from gambling sites that work with fiat currencies. Thanks for quick crypto payment methods, you don't need to wait for hours or even days to get your winnings or have your coins credited to your casino account.

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1-Click Deposit

The deposits at Tower.bet are as simple as ABC. All you need to do is:

  • Find the Wallet section under Username in the right upper corner;
  • Select the Bitcoin or any other altcoin;
  • Click Deposit;
  • Copy your Deposit Address or scan QR-code.

Don’t forget that you must be registered before making Bitcoin deposits.

Withdrawal Terms

Tower.bet offers fast withdrawals in several ways:

  • Crypto. The user indicates the Bitcoin address and enters the amount for withdrawal. Next, you need to select one of three options: Slow, Standard, Fast. The fee depends on the speed of withdrawal.
  • Withdraw to the card (Expect to add it soon). It is a standard card transfer procedure. The user selects a country and enters the details of the bank card: number, date, cardholder name, date of birth, etc. Next, specify the currency in which you want to receive your winnings and enter the number of crypto coins that you want to withdraw.
  • E-wallets (Expect to add it soon): QIWI, Yandex, PayPal and so on. In this regard, everything is much simpler than with other methods of withdrawing money. Enter the number of your wallet, the desired amount and the currency in which you want to receive your winnings.

Each of these methods is transparent and reliable.

What Is Tower.bet?

Tower.bet is an innovative Bitcoin casino site, created with new concepts of online gambling in mind. We have designed this site following the latest industry standards. Moreover, we have taken into account the players wishes and needs.

The online casino allows you to play your favorite games either for free or for cryptocurrency. Also, the player gets a lot of additional bonuses and gifts. Rewards are granted for creating an account, for a successful game, and for upgrading your account/character.

In this virtual world of Bitcoin gambling, you can enjoy many opportunities — playing your favorite casino games, getting bonuses, participating in contests and promotions.

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How Tower.bet Differs from Other Bitcoin Casinos

As more and more Bitcoin gambling sites appear, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to surprise players, especially if they have an impressive casino experience. Bitcoin gambling pros are already familiar with all game types and they no longer enjoy the monotonous graphics of crypto casinos. Therefore, we decided to create something unique. While creating a new branded product, we followed 3 main principles.

Interface with Eye-Catching Graphics

We worked out the strategy for creating an innovative BTC & other crypto gambling platform and hired the best designers, illustrators, developers, and UI/UX specialists. In a word, a team of first-class IT pros worked on the platform.

We aimed to create a user-friendly interface with simple management and navigation of the site. And of course, all this with a juicy design. The user can easily find a nice-looking menu, reliable information on all crypto games, and game rules.

We also created Betting History board. This is a table with the records of your recent bets, wins or losses. Also you can see bets of other players in multi-player games. Betting History feed in multi-player games is divided into 2 sections:

Active bets — a table of current bets for all players. It displays the player’s ID, bet amount, profit, etc.

My bets — information about your bets.

Provably Fair Gaming

Any reputable Bitcoin online casino always adheres to the rules of fair play. Therefore, everything in Tower.bet is safe and transparent: from card shuffling to dealing to bonus awarding.

Let’s say, you are playing your favorite game and see that you have earned a random bonus. Whichever BTC bonus you choose or receive, all of them are transparent. Each player can even check the gameplay for fairness.

We have created a trusted Bitcoin casino, where all activities are licensed and regulated by reputable organizations. They test gaming sites and issue a license if the Bitcoin casino operates honestly. Here, you can read more about the provably fair principles and our measures to ensure them.

Cutting-Edge Games Design

To create truly exciting games, we put a special focus on the uniqueness. We also applied a research approach to the process of development. To do this, we studied the various types of players according to Bartle’s Player Types. This concept was invented by British gambling researcher Richard Bartle. It says that players are divided into 4 groups:

  • Achievers. About 10% of players fall under this category. These are people who aim to achieve the result, to win. At the same time, their achievements, the winner status, and insignia should be visible to everyone.
  • Researchers. 10% of the gaming audience are secret level hunters. These players love surprises, try new styles and tactics of the game, experiment with the gameplay in different ways.
  • Socializers. This is the most common category of players, i.e. 80%. For them, the main thing is the ability to interact with other players. Their aims are to compete, to exchange, and to communicate.
  • Killers. Only 1% of players can beat Achievers in terms of ambition. Killers are players for whom it’s important to not only achieve but also overtake other players, i.e. to be the only winners.

Given that players can combine the features of several types at once, we have created a universal product that will be interesting to any player.

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Why Tower.bet Is a Trusted Cryptocurrency Casino?

We have put incredible effort into the development of our casino. We took into account everything: the laws and principles of honest gambling, the transparency of Tower.bet operations, and the cooperation with influential gambling commissions. So, let's consider these points one by one. Why can you trust us?

  • softwareSoftware
  • licenseCountries
  • communityCommunity
  • live-chatLive Chat
  • supportSupport

Verified and Licensed Software

We don’t copy or adopt software from other websites. To make Tower.bet the best Bitcoin casino, we accurately developed scripts, software, and each algorithm. After that, our engineers tested the operation of the platform. That's why Tower.bet is a brand-new product that has no analogs.

Prohibited Countries

We take into account the legal framework of different countries and cooperate only with those states where the Curacao eGaming license is valid and where Bitcoin casinos are legit.

In fact, there are countries where Bitcoin online casinos aren't prohibited, but there’s a ban on online games of this kind. The examples include France, China, North Korea, and some US states. Muslim countries like Syria, Iran, and Turkey also apply strict policies to gambling.

European countries are more tolerant of gambling sites and provide different types of licenses:

  • open: Malta;
  • limited license: Belgium, Czech Republic, and Greece;
  • state monopoly: Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Tower.bet Community

We allow for easy communication between players, as well as with the customer care team. We believe in the power of community, and therefore, we support all possible channels through which you can contact us:

  • Telegram;
  • Skype;
  • Discord;
  • Bitcointalk;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;
  • Facebook.

We also make online streams for the community through:

  • YouTube;
  • Twitch.

Moreover, we have created special private chat rooms for different purposes: VIP chat, flood, beginners, and early adopters. Your anonymity is ensured.

Live Chat Board

Our Live Chat Board deserves special attention. This is a section where players can simply chat in real time: greet each other, share opinions, etc. Chat is available in English and Russian, soon we expect to add German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages.

Support Team

The support team is a lifeline in the case of any problems with the site. All technical issues, questions about games, problems with your account and bonuses can be handled by our support team. Communication is possible through one of three channels:

  • via email;
  • via live chat with the support member;
  • using tickets.

As soon as the specialist gets familiar with your problem, he/she responds immediately.

FAQ from Players

Do you accept fiat currency?

No, we don’t accept fiat currencies.

Can I exchange cryptos here?

No, there’s no such possibility.

Do you have any age restrictions?

Yes. Only players who have reached the legal age (18+ years) can play.

How fast do you resolve the client’s problems?

If you contact us via live chat, the response will follow immediately; tickets or email — within one hour.

Do I need a Bitcoin wallet while depositing and withdrawing?


Do you have a BTC casino app?

Not yet.

Is Bitcoin gambling on mobile available?

Yes. Just access the casino via the browser on your device.

How can I check provably fair games?

Over time, we will prepare a special article about provably fair principles that will be linked from this block. Now, you can get familiar with the process here.

Do you have bonus wagering requirements?

No, we have no wagering requirements.

Do you have jackpot games?

No, we have no jackpot games.