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North GuardiansByPragmatic Play
Game Info
Free SpinsYes
DevicesDesktop, Mobile
TypeSlot, Video Slots
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North Guardians Game

Embark on an epic adventure with the North Guardians Slot Game, masterfully crafted by Pragmatic Play. This thrilling game transports players to a mystical realm, blending Norse mythology with exciting gameplay. Available exclusively on, North Guardians offers an immersive experience with its engaging graphics and dynamic features. Dive into this legendary world and join the ranks of the North Guardians in their quest for glory and fortune.

How to Play North Guardians Slot

Venture into the mythical Norse world with North Guardians Slot, where a grid of reels awaits, etched with the visages of legendary characters and iconic Norse symbols. This game offers a standard slot experience enriched with a twist of Nordic mystique. Upon entering the game, players are greeted by a dynamic screen showcasing a range of symbols, each with distinct values and functions, from the mighty wilds to the coveted free spins icons. Gameplay unfolds on a set of reels where winning combinations pay from left to right on adjacent reels, beginning with the outmost left reel. North Guardians features an innovative Wild Patterns Wheel in the base game, where two halves of a marking rectangle shift randomly, potentially merging to kickstart the wheel of wilds. This game is not just about luck; strategic bets aligned with the voluble wheel can elevate the thrill. With a high volatility rating, the promise of substantial wins in brief time frames adds to the allure, beckoning players to join the Guardians in a quest for fortune.

North Guardians Features: Symbols, Paylines, Betting Options and RTP

North Guardians Slot unfurls a tapestry of richly designed symbols, each with a payout potency that fuels the thrill of the chase. With revered characters and mystical icons, players can align symbols across paylines for divine rewards. High-value symbols like the Viking warrior and the shield maiden offer substantial returns, while an assortment of runes and precious stones fill the reels with a spectrum of betting possibilities. The game's betting options are as vast as the Norse seas, accommodating wallets of all sizes with a minimum bet of $0.50 and a ceiling of $100 per spin, inviting both cautious players and bold-hearted high rollers.

The strategic depth comes to life with the Wild Patterns Wheel, a unique game feature that can turn the tides in your favor, weaving wild symbols across the grid in powerful configurations. The coveted Free Spins icon beckons with the promise of bonus riches. The game's RTP, a respectable 96.38%, coupled with high volatility, beckons the brave to the land of the North Guardians, where fortune favors the bold and the turn of a reel can lead to legendary wins.

North Guardians Bonuses

In the North Guardians slot, the land of Norse gods teems with bonuses, where valor and fortune meet. The game’s cornerstone is the Free Spins symbol, which triggers a cascade of complimentary plays. Landing three or more Free Spins symbols across the reels ushers in a bounty of spins, with the potential to exponentially increase winnings: three symbols double the total bet, four quintuple it, and five offer a staggering 100x total bet reward.

The game elevates the excitement with the Wild Patterns Wheel—a base game feature where marking rectangles move to random positions, potentially merging to trigger the wheel. This wheel, etched with wild patterns, spins to decide which wilds grace the grid, enhancing winning possibilities.

Free spins are also entwined with the wheel, where each free spin prompts the wheel to spin, ascending through levels with each turn. Starting with five free spins, players can climb from level to level, each offering its own pattern of wilds and the chance for additional spins. The ascension continues until the maximum fifth level, which harbors a single, potent wild pattern.

Betting options range from a modest $0.50 to a heroic $100, catering to a broad spectrum of adventurers. The maximum win caps at a monumental 5,000x the bet, both in the base and free spins game, ensuring even the base game pulses with the potential for epic returns. The RTP, a generous 96.38%, in tandem with the high volatility, crafts an arena where risks can lead to legendary rewards, beckoning players to join the pantheon of the North Guardians.

Play North Guardians for Real Money

Step into the realm of and spin the mythical reels of North Guardians Slot for real stakes. Our online casino platform opens the gates to a world where valiant warriors and cryptocurrencies converge, offering a seamless transition from free play to the thrill of real money gaming.

To join the fray, simply register an account to establish your player's stronghold. Once you've entered your credentials and verified your account, the next step is to fortify your balance. Making a deposit is a breeze with our encrypted transaction protocols, safeguarding your journey into the North Guardians' domain. prides itself on embracing the future of currency—cryptocurrency is not just accepted; it's celebrated here. Deposit your funds in the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more to start your quest. With digital currency, your ventures into the North are swift, secure, and modern. Let the clinking of coins resonate with the clashing of shields as you play for glory and riches in the North Guardians slot machine, available now for real money play.

North Guardians Slot - FAQs

Can I play North Guardians Slot online for free (demo)? offers a demo version of North Guardians Slot, allowing for a battle-tested experience without any financial commitment or account registration.

How quickly can I claim wins from the North Guardians Slot?

At, victories in North Guardians Slot are swiftly reflected in your balance, enabling immediate enjoyment of your spoils.

Can I play North Guardians Slot on mobile?

North Guardians Slot is fully compatible with mobile devices, thanks to's optimized platform for on-the-go gaming.