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Juicy NinjaBy1X2gaming
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DevicesDesktop, Mobile
TypeSlot, Classic Slots
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Juicy Ninja Slot

Introducing the captivating world of Juicy Ninja Slot! Developed by the renowned game provider 1x2 Gaming, this dynamic slot game seamlessly blends the allure of mixed fruit with the stealthy prowess of ninjas across its 5x3 reels. With an impressive 243 ways to win, every spin holds the promise of big wins. Spin the reels and embark on your juicy adventure today with Juicy Ninja Free Slot.

How to Play Juicy Ninja Slot Game

Discover the captivating world of Juicy Ninja Slot at, where the dark and mysterious backdrop accentuates the vibrant symbols on the transparent reels, bursting with delicious treats. Some fruit symbols are expertly sliced, thanks to the fruit-slicing ninja, while others appear whole, adding to the game's charm. To play, select your preferred bet size from the varied options, spin the 5x3 reels, and aim to land matching symbols for wins. Juicy Ninja Slot also offers exciting bonus features enhancing your chances of scoring big. ensures an accessible and enjoyable gaming experience, allowing players of all levels to savor the fruit-filled adventure and slice through the competition for juicy victories


In the exciting world of Juicy Ninja Slot at, you'll encounter many different symbols on the reels. These symbols are a feast for the eyes, featuring watermelons, grapes, strawberries, oranges, plums, lemons, and cherries. But you'll also come across the dazzling Gold Bells and Red Sevens symbols as you spin those reels. These symbols shine as some of the highest-paying icons, offering the promise of bountiful rewards. However, don't overlook the Shuriken symbol, which holds its own as a top contender for lucrative wins. With such a delightful mix of symbols, Juicy Ninja Slot brings both fruity freshness and a touch of ninja flair to your gaming experience. So, at, get ready to spin the reels, align those symbols, and chase those big wins, as you explore the world of Juicy Ninja Slot.


Dive into the world of Juicy Ninja Slot at In this thrilling game, the symbols paint a vivid picture of deliciousness and intrigue. While the watermelon and grapes stand as the most esteemed among the fruity icons, they are overshadowed by non-edible treasures – the gleaming golden bells, the fortunate red sevens, and the mesmerizing ninja stars. Among these, the ninja stars reign supreme, paying out generously as the favorite weapon of ninjutsu masters. However, the low-value symbols have their own charm, offering respectable payouts. Juicy strawberries, zesty oranges, and even the modest plums, lemons, and cherries can transform a gloomy mood into one filled with excitement and joy. The skillful Ninja himself. As a wild symbol, he possesses the power to substitute for all others, potentially covering the entire reel and unleashing a torrent of wins.

Gameplay & Betting Mechanics

In this thrilling slot adventure, let's take a closer look at the available betting options and how they operate.

Betting Range:

Juicy Ninja Slot caters to a wide range of players with its flexible betting options. You can start your fruity journey with a minimum bet of just 0.20, making it accessible for those looking to savor the action without breaking the bank. If you're feeling more adventurous and seeking bigger thrills, the maximum bet goes up to 100.00.

RTP (Return to Player):

With an RTP of 96.00%, Juicy Ninja Slot offers a competitive return to players.

At, we're committed to providing a user-friendly and engaging gaming experience. Juicy Ninja Slot's accessible betting range and favorable RTP make it an attractive choice for players seeking both entertainment and potential rewards.

What Makes the Gameplay of Juicy Ninja Slot So Engaging?

At, we're excited to unravel the captivating aspects of Juicy Ninja Slot that keep players enthralled. Juicy Ninja Slot boasts a colorful array of symbols, from luscious fruits to golden bells and ninja stars. The variety of icons on the reels adds an element of excitement, ensuring that each spin is a surprise waiting to happen. The game's special features, including Wild symbols and Free Spins, bring an extra layer of thrill to the gameplay. Wild symbols can substitute for others and expand to cover entire reels, increasing your chances of hitting rewarding combinations. Whether you're a cautious player or a high roller, Juicy Ninja Slot accommodates all with its flexible betting range, starting at just 0.20 and going up to 100.00. This ensures that players of all preferences can enjoy the action at their own pace. With a respectable RTP of 96.00%, Juicy Ninja Slot promises players a fair shot at winning over the long term, adding to the game's overall appeal. The fusion of fruit and ninja themes creates a unique and entertaining atmosphere. It's not every day that you get to spin the reels alongside a fruit-slicing ninja!

Juicy Ninja Slot Bonus

Unlock the Juicy Ninja Slot Bonus at featuring a special symbol that takes the excitement to new heights. Meet the charismatic cartoonish Ninja character, your Wild symbol in this thrilling slot game. This little dynamo appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, armed and ready to slice through the vibrant symbols that adorn the reels. When the Ninja lands, he doesn't just stand still; he expands to cover the entire reel, replacing regular icons along the way. This unique ability opens up opportunities to complete numerous triumphant combinations, enhancing your chances of winning big. But that's not all; the Wild symbol can also transform into an Expanding Wild, making your gameplay even more thrilling. Expanding Wilds contribute to all winning combos, and they can boost payouts by up to 3x. Since they can appear on four out of five reels and occupy three positions, Expanding Wilds have the potential to lead you to very juicy wins.

Play Juicy Ninja Slot for Real Money

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Juicy Ninja Slot - FAQs

Can I play Juicy Ninja Slot online for free?

Indulge in the excitement of this slot game at, completely free of charge and hassle-free in Demo mode. Whether you're a newcomer looking to gain expertise or a seasoned player honing your strategies, our no-deposit, no-sign-up obligation option is perfect. Dive into the thrilling action without any commitments, engage yourself in the world of this juicy ninja free slot today. It's the ideal way to explore the gameplay, test your skills, and enjoy the thrilling experience that this slot game has to offer, all at your own pace. Join us at and discover the joys of playing for free in Demo mode.

Can I play Juicy Ninja Slot on mobile?

Join in the thrill of our mobile-responsive platform here at, where you can enjoy the seamless gameplay on your smartphone or tablet, at your convenience, wherever you choose to play. is committed to prioritizing your gaming experience, ensuring that you can access this exciting slot at anytime and anywhere, with ease and satisfaction.