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Bonus BunniesByNolimit City
Game Info
Free SpinsYes
DevicesDesktop, Mobile
TypeSlot, Classic Slots
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Bonus Bunnies Slot Machine

Explore the charming world of Bonus Bunnies Slot Machine! This delightful 4-reel, 4-row slot game boasts 30 paylines, ensuring plenty of chances to win big. Join the lovable rabbits on their carrot quest within a whimsical rabbit hutch, surrounded by lively farm scenes and bountiful crops. Developed by the renowned game provider Nolimit City, this slot promises fun-filled gaming experiences.

How to Play Bonus Bunnies Slot Game

Welcome to, where we guide you through the exciting world of the Bonus Bunnies Slot Game with this comprehensive guide,


Discover the captivating story of a bunny farmer, a bunny babe, and a mischievous bunny thief with a penchant for pilfering carrots. When you launch the Bonus Bunnies Slot, you'll step into a serene countryside setting adorned with quaint farmhouses. This delightful scene sets the stage for an engaging gaming experience.

Gameplay and Screen Description:

Upon entering the game, you'll encounter a wooden board adorned with pay symbols, with tantalizing carrots dangling from the wooden encasing. The screen layout is user-friendly, with clear indicators for essential features.

Rules of the Game:

Playing Bonus Bunnies is straightforward. Begin by selecting your desired bet size, accommodating a range of betting preferences. Once your wager is set, hit the spin button and watch the reels come to life. The game features 30 paylines, and the goal is to land winning combinations of three or four symbols.

The Importance of 4-of-a-Kind:

While securing three-symbol combinations is rewarding, you'll want to keep an eye out for the coveted 4-of-a-kind combinations. The difference in payouts between the two is remarkable, promising even greater potential for substantial wins.

Bonus Bunnies Slot Game Paytable

Explore the exciting Bonus Bunnies Slot Game Paytable at to maximize your gaming experience.

Low-Paying Symbols:

The low-paying symbols in Bonus Bunnies Slot include the classic royals, ranging from A through 10. While these symbols may be common, they can still lead to rewarding combinations.

High-Paying Symbols:

The high-paying symbols are where the real excitement lies. Look out for the delightful icons of an eggplant, onion, peapod, and tomato. These vegetables promise higher payouts and add a colorful twist to your gameplay.

The Wild Symbol:

A golden carrot takes center stage as the wild symbol in this game. It's your ticket to boosting your chances of winning, as it can substitute for all regular symbols to create winning combinations. Plus, land four of these golden carrots, and you'll enjoy a fantastic 15x payout!

The Tomato – The Most Rewarding Symbol:

Among the standard symbols, the tomato reigns supreme. Secure a winning combination of 3 or 4 tomatoes on a payline, starting from reel 1, and you'll be rewarded with payouts of 0.9x or a remarkable 15x your total stake.

Betting Options, Max Win Return to Player (RTP), where we present the essential details about the thrilling Bonus Bunnies Slot, including its Betting Options, Max Win, and Return to Player (RTP). In the world of Bonus Bunnies Slot, players have a flexible range of betting options. The minimum bet starts at just 0.20 with a maximum bet of 100. Lucky players have the opportunity to scoop a maximum win of up to a staggering 6,950x their initial bet. With such significant payout potential, every spin holds the promise of substantial rewards, adding to the excitement of the game. Bonus Bunnies Slot boasts a solid RTP rate of 96.14%. This indicates that, on average, players can expect a favorable return on their wagers over extended gameplay sessions. It's a reassuring figure that adds confidence to your gaming experience.

Bonus Bunnies Slot Bonus Features

Get ready for an adventure filled with thrilling bonuses that can lead to exciting wins!

Bonus + Wild Expansion:

One of the standout features in Bonus Bunnies Slot is the Bonus + Wild Expansion. This bonus feature comes to life when the rabbits make their entrance as scatter symbols. If a scatter symbol and a wild symbol appear simultaneously, the rabbit leaps out of the scatter frame, effectively turning it wild. The furry friend then hops over to the wild symbol, devouring it and transforming the entire reel into a wild wonderland. Should you land two or more bonus symbols, both the reel and the row containing the wild symbol will turn wild, creating even more winning opportunities.

Carrot Link Spins:

The Carrot Link Spins bonus feature kicks in when you have three or more bonus symbols in view. Initially, you receive three spins, during which the original bonus symbols transform into carrot symbols, each bearing a multiplier linked to your total bet. Other positions become empty tiles, setting the stage for exciting developments on every spin. Look out for extra carrots with bet multipliers, harvesters that double existing multipliers, fertilizers that add their values to carrot symbols, and settlers that expand the grid. The feature continues until the grid is full or your spins run out, and the accumulated multiplier is applied. If all positions are filled, a key symbol may appear, unlocking a chest with additional multipliers of x3, x4, or x5, boosting your total collected multiplier.

Bonus Buy Feature:

For those eager to dive into the Carrot Link Spins action, there's the Bonus Buy feature. For a reasonable sum of 60 times your stake, you can instantly trigger Carrot Link Spins on the next spin, skipping the anticipation and diving straight into the bonus excitement.

Bonus Bunnies Slot Strategy

Discover winning strategies for the Bonus Bunnies Slot at To maximize your gameplay, follow these key tips:

  1. Smart Betting: Choose a budget-friendly bet size that suits your bankroll.

  2. Study the Paytable: Understand symbol values and potential payouts by exploring the paytable.

  3. Utilize Bonuses: Take advantage of's promotions, including free spins and bonuses.

  4. Bankroll Management: Set a gaming budget and stick to it, avoiding chasing losses.

  5. Leverage Bonus Features: Watch for rewarding features like Carrot Link Spins and consider the Bonus Buy option.

Enjoy the Game: Remember, slots are for entertainment. Play responsibly and have fun. At, we promote responsible gaming and provide valuable insights to enhance your experience. While no strategy guarantees wins, these tips enhance your gaming enjoyment.

Play Bonus Bunnies Slot for Real Money

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Bonus Bunnies Slot - FAQs

Can I play Bonus Bunnies slot machine online for free?

Discover Bonus Bunnies slot demo at where no deposit or sig-up registration is required. Enjoy playing for free in Demo mode, ideal for learning, strategizing, and savoring the thrilling action without any obligations.

How quickly can I claim wins from the Bonus Bunnies slot machine?

All winnings are credited instantly to your game balance and are mad available on your account balance once the game concludes. Experience for yourself rapid and effortless payouts!

Can I play Bonus Bunnies slot machine on mobile?

Experience our exciting Slot on the move using's mobile-responsive platform. Enjoy smooth gameplay on your smartphone or tablet, wherever and whenever you choose to play. Your gaming convenience is our top concern at!