Decoy token staking

Join the exciting world of Staking to earn passive income from DuckDice's and's profit! Increase your profits while having fun!

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247,959,982Staking pool

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Prize pool15,226
Payout pool456.78
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Decoy mining

Mining is a way of getting Decoy tokens just for playing on Placing bets at In-house games will mine tokens, tokens are mined automatically and go to your locked balance immediately for 180 days.The amount of Decoy tokens that come to your balance depends on your bets. The higher bets you place, the bigger amount of mining income you’ll have!

1 DECOY Mining bet amount

To reduce the load on mining and ensure its correct process the min bet for mining is $0.01 in any currency equivalent
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Mining price

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Price in WHEcurrency icon0.0109 USD

The mining price of the Decoy token rises after every 25,000,000 Decoy tokens mined. You can track how mining price changes on the graph below. The earlier you start mining the more tokens you will get!

Price change
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$ 0.0109456,833,283 Decoy
$ 0.01$ 0.011$ 0.012$ 0.013$ 0.014$ 0.015$ 0.016$ 0.017$ 0.018$ 0.019$ 0.02
Until next change
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6,833,28325,000,000 Decoy
$ 0.0109$ 0.01095

Decoy farming

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