Spin & Win Network Tournament

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Join SmartSoft's "Spin & Win" Tournament Phase 5 from June 3 to June 27, 2024, for a chance to win a share of 400,000 Euro! Play games like Jetx and Balloon to win instant cash prizes up to 3,000 Euro.

Terms & Conditions

SmartSoft 'Spin & Win' Instant Prizes Tournament is held from 05/02/2024 11:00 (UTC +4) to 28/01/2025 11:00 (UTC +4) and the Total Prize Pool is 5,000,000 Euro. The tournament is divided into 11 phases. The Second Phase runs from 04/03/2024, 11:00 (UTC+4) – 28/03/2024, 11:00 (UTC+4) with a Prize Pool of 400,000 Euro.

Participating Games are Jetx, Balloon, PlinkoX, Multihot5, FootballX, CricketX, GeniesBonanza, SlicerX, JokerBuyBonus, Cappadocia, BurningICE40, Multihotways, JetX3, BurningICE, BurningICE10, Jungles, Magicgarden40, Minesisland, HunterX.

• The minimum bet required to qualify is 0.20 Euro or equivalent; • While playing the games, players will randomly receive a prize wheel spin. Clicking the SPIN button on the wheel will give them a chance to win cash prizes ranging from 5 to 3,000 Euro or equivalent; • Winning players will receive their cash prizes immediately, which they can view in their casino balance; • Players can access information about the winners in the promotion lobby.

Additional Rules

  1. Players have 30 seconds to spin the prize wheel after it appears. If there is no activity within this time, the wheel will automatically spin, and a prize will be awarded randomly.
  2. The auto-spin function will be disabled when the prize wheel appears.
  3. We also reserve the right not to pay out a prize if we suspect cheating or collusion with other players.
  4. We reserve the right to void prize payments or not pay out a prize if there are any obvious errors, mistakes, or technical faults (including incorrect game payouts) caused by a machine or human error in any of the participating games.
  5. All decisions made by the Casino management team are final.
  6. Prize chances on the wheel are randomly generated at the start of each spin.
  7. Any unused spins will be lost when the promotion ends.
  8. Only real money bets placed on desktop, mobile, or mobile app platforms qualify for the promotion.
  9. In case of loss of connection or technical issues, affected rounds may be invalid.
  10. Upon winning a Prize Drop wheel spin, a nominal bet amount will be temporarily deducted from the player's funds. This amount will be credited back after spinning the wheel.

Participating games

Burning Ice image
Burning Ice
98.2% RTP
Genie's Bonanza image
Genie's Bonanza
96.13% RTP
Multi Hot Ways image
Multi Hot Ways
96.29% RTP
Burning Ice 10 image
Burning Ice 10
98.4% RTP
HunterX image
96.08% RTP
Mine Island image
Mine Island
96% RTP
Cricket X image
Cricket X
97% RTP
JetX3 image
97% RTP
Burning Ice 40 image
Burning Ice 40
97% RTP
Cappadocia image
97% RTP
Multi Hot 5 image
Multi Hot 5
96% RTP
Joker Buy Bonus image
Joker Buy Bonus
96.13% RTP