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Reveal The Kraken image
Reveal The Kraken
95.35% RTP
Amaterasu Keno image
Amaterasu Keno
95.7% RTP
Big Win x25 image
Big Win x25
95.33% RTP
Purple Pills image
Purple Pills
96.1% RTP
Black Jack image
Black Jack
95.4% RTP
Across the Universe Keno image
Across the Universe Keno
94.5% RTP
Wild Spirit image
Wild Spirit
97% RTP
Fruit Vegas image
Fruit Vegas
96.1% RTP
The Candy Slot Deluxe image
The Candy Slot Deluxe
95.1% RTP
Fruit Machine x25 image
Fruit Machine x25
95.3% RTP
La Fiesta de Muertos image
La Fiesta de Muertos
95.22% RTP
Zeus the Thunderer image
Zeus the Thunderer
95.3% RTP
Minotaurs Wilds image
Minotaurs Wilds
95.16% RTP
Riot 2: Burn and Blow image
Riot 2: Burn and Blow
95.38% RTP
Mist image
95% RTP
Yukon Fever image
Yukon Fever
95.52% RTP
Double Triple Fruits image
Double Triple Fruits
95.23% RTP
Dreamshock Jackpot X image
Dreamshock Jackpot X
95.19% RTP
Dragon's Lucky 25 image
Dragon's Lucky 25
95.3% RTP
Fruit Macao image
Fruit Macao
95% RTP
Paper Lanterns image
Paper Lanterns
95.32% RTP
Aloha! Tiki Bar image
Aloha! Tiki Bar
95.2% RTP
For the Realm! image
For the Realm!
95.4% RTP
Fruit Disco: MEGA STACKS image
Fruit Disco: MEGA STACKS
95.42% RTP
The Tomb image
The Tomb
95.8% RTP
Trump Card Queen image
Trump Card Queen
95.2% RTP
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Mascot Slots

Mascot Gaming is a Malta-based gaming company that has been making games since 2010. Along with other big names like Booongo, they are one of the top competitors in the gaming industry. Their wide range of games and focus on making each one-of-a-kind has helped them stand out in the business. Even though they are not the only option at, Mascot games are some of the most popular among players around the world.

Best Mascot Slot Games

Mascot Gaming is a well-known name in the competitive gaming industry because of its different and attractive games. Two of these top games are Robin of Loxley and Dragon's Nest. Both of them have been liked by the players a lot. Anksunamun, which came out in 2020, shows how much Mascot wants its players to enjoy their games.

The first thing that you will notice about Robin of Loxley is how good it looks. But this isn't the only thing that sets it apart from other games. Do you know what Scatter Pays are? Well, this game lets you play with them! This feature gives bonus prizes for symbols that would normally need to be lined up along a win line. With Scatter Pays and all the other cool stuff in Robin of Loxley, it's no wonder gamers love it!

Dragon's Nest is another one of their newest games. Here, you'll enter a fantasy world where a powerful dragon guards her eggs. The game has a 27. 3% hit rate and an RTP of 95. 2 %. Along with beautiful graphics, we've also included Risk/Buy feature. With Risk/Buy, players can get more Bonus Winning Spins by risking their winnings from the last spin! Give Dragon's Eggs five egg symbols anywhere on the reels to win heaps of cash! Wild Symbols can give x5 multipliers; there are also several Free Spin series available.

Play Mascot Slots Games at is a Bitcoin casino where people can easily look at Mascot Gaming's great games. The site was made so that players could get to any of Mascot's games from one place and have a good time while playing them.

A very cool game that you can play on is Merlin's Tower. This game shows off how Mascot makes top-of-the-line unique games. Not only is the slot fun to play, but it also looks and feels different from all the other games out there. Like all of Mascot's slots, Merlin's Tower was made with care, which means that players will get more out of it than they would from a typical slot machine.

In this game, players will enter a world full of magic and secrets, with the famous wizard Merlin leading the way. The theme of this game is amazing, and it is always nice to see something new when you play slots. Merlin's Tower also has features that no other game has, which makes the game even more fun and helps Mascot keep its promise of giving players the best gaming experience possible.

When players use the to play Merlin's Tower or any other game by Mascot, they will see that they are very good at what they do, but also take time to make sure their games look great and are fun to play. shows off everything that Mascot does best while making it easy for players to find and play these games whenever they want.

Security of Mascot Software

Mascot Gaming takes the safety of its software very seriously. That's true for both the people who work at the company and the players who use it. One way they do this is by using the newest HTML5 technology when making their games. Not only does this show how much they like to come up with new ideas, but it also means that you can play their games on almost any device without having to think about it.

But Mascot's focus on safety isn't just something that's built into their games' software because it needs to be there. It's also another part of what sets their games apart from those made by other companies. When you play a Mascot game, they want you to feel safe. And one of the ways that they make sure that happens is by making their games as secure as they can.

Mascot Online Slots Company History

Mascot gaming casino provider has demonstrated that diligent effort and strategic acumen can propel one to success in the online slots industry. Since its inception in 2010, the company, headquartered in Malta, has consistently stood out amid fierce competition, notably from competitors like Amatic.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online gaming, Mascot distinguishes itself by treating its games as immersive narratives, akin to novels or movies—a distinctive approach that sets them apart globally. The company's deliberate focus on quality over quantity is evident in their release strategy, opting for around 12 carefully crafted games annually, a marked contrast to Amatic's more frequent monthly releases.

Adapting to the dynamic shifts in the online gaming realm, Mascot has embraced the surge in mobile gaming's popularity. Recognizing the millions engaging in gaming on their phones, including players from diverse regions, Mascot ensures that all their games seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile platforms.

However, Mascot doesn't merely prioritize creating visually appealing and enjoyable games. They place a premium on functionality to ensure smooth gameplay, recognizing that a lagging slot game can detract from the overall experience. This commitment has resonated globally, with players from various corners of the world, including India, acknowledging Mascot as a premier slot provider.

Playing a Mascot game transcends mere entertainment; it's an immersion into a realm marked by high-quality graphics and sounds, a testament to a passionate team dedicated to their craft. The journey for Mascot gaming casino provider has been one of diligent labor and strategic decision-making, culminating in their current standing as a prominent force in the industry—with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Mascot FAQ

What is Mascot?

Mascot Gaming is a renowned casino provider, recognized for its diverse portfolio and commitment to quality. Competing with industry players like Booongo and Ezugi, Mascot has earned its place in the gaming community. The company's dedication to creating unique and engaging games has contributed to its popularity among players worldwide.

How to Play Mascot Slots?

Playing Mascot slots at is a straightforward process. Whether on iPhones, iPads, Androids, or desktop computers, the HTML5 technology ensures accessibility. Mascot's games often feature unique elements like Risk and Buy options, free spins, and bonus rounds, adding layers of excitement to the gaming experience.

Where can I play Mascot Slot Games Online?

Mascot Gaming's slots are available on platform. Players seeking a diverse and engaging gaming experience can explore Mascot's offerings, enjoying games like Gemz Grow and Fruit Vegas.

How can I win at Mascot Slots?

Winning at Mascot slots involves understanding each game's mechanics. With features like free spins, multipliers, and unique bonus rounds, players can increase their chances of success. Exploring different games and familiarizing oneself with their individual features can contribute to a more rewarding gaming experience.

Are Mascot trusted?

Mascot Gaming has earned a level of trust in the gaming community due to its commitment to quality and fair play. While players should always exercise caution in online gaming, Mascot's reputable standing in the industry and positive player experiences contribute to the perception of trustworthiness.

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