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Permanent bonus that collects cashback from every bet you place, in any game, in any currency
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Total Paidcurrency icon58,669
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What is Moneybox?

Moneybox is a permanent bonus that collects partial cashback from every bet you place in any game. Refund consists of 5% back from the game House Edge - so essentially we give you part of our own profit.

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Top Claimers of All Time

Moneybox is an effortless and fully automated bonus that doesn't require many actions from players. Here are some impressive claims.

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How to use Moneybox

Moneybox will automatically refill from every bet placed in any crypto except TWG in any game on The progress is displayed on top of the game field and a claim is available from there. Deposit, bet, get a bonus - it’s as easy as it sounds!

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Refill your balance with a deposit of any supported crypto.

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Claim the prize

Check your Moneybox amount and claim it to game balance.