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Dungeon: Immortal Evil


Game Info

CategoryTurbo Games
VolatilityMedium high
Free SpinsYes
DevicesDesktop, Mobile
TypeSlot, Classic Slots

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Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot

Something very different! Discover the Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot, an innovative RPG-inspired game by our provider Evoplay. Unlike traditional slots, this game offers a unique experience. You, as the hero, defend the realm by engaging in one-on-one combat with evil creatures in dungeons. Instead of spinning reels, every "spin" reveals a creature to battle, with rewards or "loot" based on your victories.

How to Play Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot Game

Embark on an epic gaming journey with Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot, where RPG meets traditional slot action. Let's dive into the gameplay and rules:


When you launch Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot, instead of the usual spinning reels, your screen becomes your battlefield. As the hero, you face off against menacing creatures in dark dungeons.

The Screen:

Imagine a dynamic, richly detailed fantasy world. Your screen showcases the eerie dungeon environment, illuminated by the glow of torches. On one side, you, the hero, stand ready for battle, armed with your chosen weapons. On the other side, the creature you're about to face lurks in the shadows.

Rules of the Game:

Creature Battles: Each "spin" reveals a new creature to battle. You'll see its menacing appearance on your screen. Your mission is to defeat it.

Winning: Victory rewards you with loot based on the creature's type. The more formidable the foe, the greater the prize. Accumulate your loot as you progress through the dungeon.

Customization: Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot offers customization options, allowing you to choose your hero's equipment and strategy.

Special Features: Keep an eye out for special features and bonuses that enhance your gameplay and winning potential.

In summary, Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot redefines traditional slot gaming by transforming it into a thrilling RPG adventure.

Slot Features: Symbols, Paylines, Betting Options and RTP

Let's delve into the unique features of this game:


Unlike conventional slots, Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot replaces the usual symbols with fearsome enemies you'll encounter on your quest. Your enemies include:

The Imp





Scary Spiders




Each adversary has its own value once defeated, adding a strategic twist to your gameplay.


While paylines are not the focus here, your rewards are determined by the creatures you conquer. The more formidable your opponent, the greater your loot.

Betting Options and RTP (Return To Player):

Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot offers a flexible betting range where the minimum bet starts at 0.10, with a maximum of 100, with an RTP of 96.2%.

In summary, Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot redefines the slot experience by infusing RPG elements into the gameplay. Face off against a menacing array of foes, adapt your strategy, and take the chance to emerge victorious and claim your loot. Begin your quest today and discover the thrilling world of Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot here at!

Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot Bonuses

As you venture forth to recover stolen treasures from menacing monsters, your chances of amassing grand riches grow with your bet level. Apart from the formidable creatures you'll encounter, special symbols within the game unlock unique wins and precious loot.

  1. The Mimic: This elusive monster cunningly disguises itself as a chest. Triumph over the mimic, and you'll secure bonus achievements in the form of five distinct types of loot.

  2. Chest: These enigmatic chests appear sporadically in the rooms, offering you the chance to acquire five different types of loot, further enhancing your riches.

  3. Big Game Event: When you step into a room hosting the Big Game Event, anticipation builds as five formidable monsters emerge. Defeat one of them, and you could enjoy loot rewards of up to 5x your bet.

  4. Bad Company Event: As you enter a room hosting the Bad Company Event, you'll confront five menacing monsters known as the "bad company." Defeat one of these creatures, and you could secure loot rewards of up to 2x your bet.

  5. Dungeon: The Dungeon is a bonus level, comprised of seven rooms accessible through a portal. Six of these rooms house fierce monsters, while the seventh harbors the formidable boss. Each room contains chests brimming with massive loot, arming you for the ultimate showdown with the boss.

What Makes the Gameplay of Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot So Engaging?

Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot breaks the mold of traditional online casino games, offering a truly captivating experience that sets it apart. Here's why its gameplay is so engaging:

Unique Fusion:

This game blends the charm of traditional slots with the thrill of RPGs. Instead of reels, you become a heroic character battling monsters in a dark dungeon, adding an exciting twist.

Strategic Depth:

Luck alone won't suffice. Players must strategize and choose battles wisely. Each creature presents a different challenge, demanding tactical thinking.

Special Features:

The game is packed with surprises, from elusive Mimics to random Chests and adrenaline-pumping events like the Big Game and Bad Company. Every spin offers fresh excitement.

Rewarding Wins:

Riches and loot await the victorious. Defeating creatures and uncovering treasures intensify the thrill as you strive to conquer the dungeon.

Dungeon Exploration:

The Dungeon bonus level beckons with seven rooms filled with monsters and loot, including a formidable boss. It encourages players to venture deeper for greater rewards.

Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot is an extraordinary gaming experience, offering strategy, skill, and excitement that transcends the ordinary. Discover this unique blend of RPG and slot gaming here today at!

Play Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot for Real Money

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Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot - FAQs

Can I play Dungeon Immortal Evil slot online for free?

yes! Indulge in the excitement of our slot game with free demo play at, where there's no need for deposits or sign-up registrations. Play for free in Demo mode, perfect for honing your skills, perfecting strategies, and relishing the thrilling action without any commitments or obligations.

How quickly can I claim wins from the Dungeon Immortal Evil slot?

Your game winnings are promptly added to your game balance and are instantly accessible within your account once you conclude the game. Begin your gameplay today and experience this quick payout process firsthand!

Can I play Dungeon Immortal Evil slot on mobile?

Certainly! Enjoy uninterrupted gaming on your mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet, at your convenience and from the location of your choosing, thanks to's mobile-friendly platform.

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